Sunday, October 24, 2010


Yay!! It's my first time blogging on my new iMac! Thank God for USBs. My old laptops battery fried and luckily I had saved some pics I had stored on there. The pictures above are the few of many that should have been posted years ago.  Buuuuuut, since I barely made this blog, I had to post them now (hehe) I gotta say, every thing looks amazing on this computer. Like super mega pixelated or whatever you call it.
Lick a rock of foil.

Friday night was's Gatsby Affair Fashion Show. It was phenomenal. Despite the fact that i was in high heels for whole day walking more than miles in Downtown. Its safe to say it was totally worth it! I even stopped by Ross and was lucky enough to find those beautiful brown suede Dollhouse booties for only $20! Quite a deal, right? I've been searching and searching for the perfect lace up booties. Who would have known Ross had them. Turns out, Michelle from adored them more than the initial black lace up heels she asked me to bring. So I got to do the runway in my new amazing suede booties<3. 
Thrift shopping is one of my favorite things to do. Its like a treasure hunt, literally. One mans trash is another mans treasure. I once found a brown fringe Prada bag for $6.75 at a second hand store. Pshh, i would rather buy a $6 bag with a few zipper problems, than a perfect new-smelling $1,200 bag. Thank prudence.
Anyways, I have been working on my halloween costume for hours. Robert and I are going to be Beauty and the Beast. How adorable right?  I found that I enjoy drawing designs rather than actually making them. But it's probably just because I haven't been taught how to use needles and measure. My products look like I just slip things together and hope they look good. Which is completely true(haha).

Monday, October 11, 2010


ACNE Paris Fashion Week 2010
GUCCI Paris Fashion Week 2010
TOPSHOP Parisienne Collection

I've been following Fashion Week blogs and honestly find the chic and the diversity of collections.  1)ACNE's Resort 2010 collection features a total 70's donna look, yet classy and modern with bright colored sun hats and glittery layers. 2)GUCCI's Runway Spring 2010 collection includes crochet and wisely matching accessories which make a strong statement for Gucci's catwalk. This whole year's outcome has been brilliant so far. And I bet its only getting better, with the most amazing designers overseas. Also, 3)TOPSHOP's Parissienne collection caught my attention the strongest. I absolutely love the reviving polka-dots. It captures the timeless style from France and transforms it into something wearable for someone who is obsessed with the Fashion Capital of the World! Thank you TOPSHOP, you are sensational.

 Other items I'm overly crazy about at the moment.

Friday, October 8, 2010


(So Sik Dress)

(Jones New York Dress)

Had a mini photoshoot today. Photos by Claudia Martinez.

Dazzling vintage flower.
 Flower Headband inspiration!
Holga Camera at Urban Outfitters (desperately NEED)

 Betsey Johnson's beautiful necklace.
I molded my dog into clay (: I get bored.. haha

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Walk allover you

I cant stop thinking of these Jeffrey Campbell lace-up kind of boots. I love both colors and there structure. The pearl ones are heavenly. Although, I haven't found the perfect ones yet. I've gone to tons of stores-nothing. I've searched on the top search engines-nothing. Maybe I should just design my own boots. I guess no one in this over populated world has created anything nice and versatile, so I can frolic around town and be cute. I hate to say I'm unique because everyone and their moms say it that they are all exactly the same, but I guess maybe I am.

48 Degrees

(Urban Outfitters Beanie, Own Blue Coat, Cejon Mittens, LSten Shirt, Bullhead Pants, Union Bay Boots)

Ive been wanting to go to Julian for as long as I can remember. Its the cutest little countryside town just 60 miles northeast of Downtown San Diego. Their famous for their indescribable apple pies. They even have their own apple farm or whatever you call it. Let me tell you,  their pies are scrumptious!! I prefer the Apple Crumb Pie. Its crunchy in the right spots, then warm, sweet and cinnamony in the remains.
The sights we saw were priceless. Thanks to my boyfriend, I had the chance get away from the noise and disturbances from the suburbs. Its too clamped where I live. And honestly, "vacation" isn't vacation at all. Waking up at 10 am with nothing to do; maybe watch a movie or two, all messy with my hair flopped on one side. Its no picnic.
I even got to collect some acorns from their cemetery (I know that sounds wrong) but its actually quite uplifting to me, and some oak leaves I use as bookmarks. After that, we headed to a book house. Yes- a house with rooms filled with books. I found a cute red love book and learned that a kiss a day keeps the doctor away. Who would have known.
When we arrived to the noisy place I call home, Rob and I continued our "piano lesson". But hey on the bright side, he learned how to play Chopsticks. What a coincidence, Sushi and chopsticks on my table for dinner today, too. At least I can say I taught him something.
What a day. I desperately needed it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Lucky Dreamer
(Old Navy Jean Jacket, XXI Tank, RVCA Bra)
What to do with blank space... In the middle of emptiness, where should I head? Intersect here, where?
 Today I felt a little tingle. I need to write, let my conscience run wild, hmm see where it takes me.  For the last few days, I've been mind traveling. One minute I'm in Ireland running around in the lush green countryside wearing a perfect floral dress, and the next I'm in the incroyable Paris, France zoomin' through Parc du Champ de Mars on a pink scooter, with a beret flopped on my head and one of those Cruella Devil cigarette holders smothering my lungs. I have no explanation as to why my mind runs wild, while I sit neutrally on my roof staring at who knows what. The powers and capabilities of the mind are fascinating. Although, that subject has no effect on my dreams. I want to model. Its all I've ever wanted. I feel the passion pulsating with desire through my veins. All the glamor and bright lights and pure bliss jolts me. I want to fly to a different city every night, be chased by agencies, driven to a VIP seating event, get my face piled with lip gloss and blush, associate with high end designers, and most important- make a legend of myself... I will succeed.