Thursday, October 7, 2010

48 Degrees

(Urban Outfitters Beanie, Own Blue Coat, Cejon Mittens, LSten Shirt, Bullhead Pants, Union Bay Boots)

Ive been wanting to go to Julian for as long as I can remember. Its the cutest little countryside town just 60 miles northeast of Downtown San Diego. Their famous for their indescribable apple pies. They even have their own apple farm or whatever you call it. Let me tell you,  their pies are scrumptious!! I prefer the Apple Crumb Pie. Its crunchy in the right spots, then warm, sweet and cinnamony in the remains.
The sights we saw were priceless. Thanks to my boyfriend, I had the chance get away from the noise and disturbances from the suburbs. Its too clamped where I live. And honestly, "vacation" isn't vacation at all. Waking up at 10 am with nothing to do; maybe watch a movie or two, all messy with my hair flopped on one side. Its no picnic.
I even got to collect some acorns from their cemetery (I know that sounds wrong) but its actually quite uplifting to me, and some oak leaves I use as bookmarks. After that, we headed to a book house. Yes- a house with rooms filled with books. I found a cute red love book and learned that a kiss a day keeps the doctor away. Who would have known.
When we arrived to the noisy place I call home, Rob and I continued our "piano lesson". But hey on the bright side, he learned how to play Chopsticks. What a coincidence, Sushi and chopsticks on my table for dinner today, too. At least I can say I taught him something.
What a day. I desperately needed it.