Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fashion design course

This book inspired me to pursue fashion design. The best part is it has suggestions and a description of careers in the fashion industry. So you can read each and pick a new career, like me! (:
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Life is Beautiful.♡

Its heartbreaking that I have no time for Blogger, Lookbook, Polyvore, and the like. I have so many cute unrecorded outfits from the past few weeks, how sad. Its nice to catch a break to blog a bit, since I've just started college. I swear I'm developing scoliosis with my 20lb bag I carry around campus all day. A bit of great news though; I've decided I'm going to major in Theatre arts with emphasis on performance, and minor in Art. I also plan on pursuing Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design after graduating SDSU *applause*.
This summer has been nothing but lazy mornings, Easy A on repeat, 91X fest (a very orgasmic concert: INCUBUS, come on!), second hand shopping, new music, cuisine hopping, bonfires, pool diving, and nonstop homework. What a beautiful life. My life has just taken mad steroids since I've enhanced my wardrobe. I'm like me times 10 with all my "out there" outfits. Not to mention, I found this awesome App called trend tracker by trendstop.com that keeps us fashion fanatics up to date on the latest news, trends, designers, and stores. A genious invented this app. Thank you thank you thank you. That is where I heard about Karl Lagerfeld's most recent project with Macy's. Its supposed to be this super sophisticated 45-piece collection with rich fabrics and graphic patterns. My favorite part by far is the not-so-expensive prices, averaging from $50 to $170. Wow, Karl!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Merchandise!!

  Forever21 Jumpsuit $18 
Try this:

Xhilaration Romper $8.99 
Try this:

 Mossimo Oversized Tank $10  
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 YMI Premium Shorts $10
Try this:
 Derek Heart Oversized V-Neck $5

Try this:

 Living Doll floral shorts $6 

 Mudd Tank (gift)

 Derek Heart vest (gift)

 Charlotte Russe Tank $8
Try this:

Grey Sweater (gift)

 One wrapper Mesh tops $3 each


 Dooney & Bourke Vintage Satchel

Red & White Scarf (gift)