Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Lucky Dreamer
(Old Navy Jean Jacket, XXI Tank, RVCA Bra)
What to do with blank space... In the middle of emptiness, where should I head? Intersect here, where?
 Today I felt a little tingle. I need to write, let my conscience run wild, hmm see where it takes me.  For the last few days, I've been mind traveling. One minute I'm in Ireland running around in the lush green countryside wearing a perfect floral dress, and the next I'm in the incroyable Paris, France zoomin' through Parc du Champ de Mars on a pink scooter, with a beret flopped on my head and one of those Cruella Devil cigarette holders smothering my lungs. I have no explanation as to why my mind runs wild, while I sit neutrally on my roof staring at who knows what. The powers and capabilities of the mind are fascinating. Although, that subject has no effect on my dreams. I want to model. Its all I've ever wanted. I feel the passion pulsating with desire through my veins. All the glamor and bright lights and pure bliss jolts me. I want to fly to a different city every night, be chased by agencies, driven to a VIP seating event, get my face piled with lip gloss and blush, associate with high end designers, and most important- make a legend of myself... I will succeed.