Monday, October 11, 2010


ACNE Paris Fashion Week 2010
GUCCI Paris Fashion Week 2010
TOPSHOP Parisienne Collection

I've been following Fashion Week blogs and honestly find the chic and the diversity of collections.  1)ACNE's Resort 2010 collection features a total 70's donna look, yet classy and modern with bright colored sun hats and glittery layers. 2)GUCCI's Runway Spring 2010 collection includes crochet and wisely matching accessories which make a strong statement for Gucci's catwalk. This whole year's outcome has been brilliant so far. And I bet its only getting better, with the most amazing designers overseas. Also, 3)TOPSHOP's Parissienne collection caught my attention the strongest. I absolutely love the reviving polka-dots. It captures the timeless style from France and transforms it into something wearable for someone who is obsessed with the Fashion Capital of the World! Thank you TOPSHOP, you are sensational.

 Other items I'm overly crazy about at the moment.