Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Giraffes and waffles

Winter is finally almost here! I love soft cold days when I can see my breath as I speak. I'm so ready to bring out them mittens and scarves. Although I gotta say, this summers weather was quite nice, not like the previous years where the inside of my car would MELT. Has anyone ever heard of P.S. I Made This? Amen! She's amazing! "She sees it, likes it, she makes it." So awesome and a complete inspiration. Hey who knows what amazing things I can create with the bits I have lying around. Trash can become treasure. This woman is by far, the most creative person I've witnessed. So I've been drowning in Radiohead these past few days. I learned the intro to The Eraser! So I'm going to keep working on it, hopefully I reach the completion. Music is inspiring me more and more each day... I couldn't live without music. Its the best invention man has ever made. Also been doing pointillism in art class. Im drawing a sea shell. Somewhat like the one above. Can anyone say Kate Moss for Topshop?