Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One flew over the cuckoos nest

Having so much time for myself helps infinitely. Now I can let my brain relax and wander off into zones it hadn't connected with in a long while. I also spent the whole weekend making a scrapbook for my boyfriend. I woke up cutting and fell asleep gluing. Yes, I do mean all day. Im quite satisfied with the outcome, though. He was too Ü. Its time to begin focussing on myself now that the whole planning the fashion show is over. BUT still need to finish my college applications. Oh, what a drag!

Anyways, Im dying for some Doc.Martens boots. The awesome ones with heel! What a serious pair of leather bound boots.  And everyone knows, or should know- Fashion is about fun and experimentation. Its not to be taken too serious- like the few examples above.