Saturday, November 26, 2011

What I've Got

Me blonde!

Steve Madden Desirred $170

Elephant Hat @ Swap Meet $5

Ganson San Fransisco @ Thrift Store

? @ Thrift Store

Alyn Paige New York @ Thrift Store

Faded Glory @ Thrift Store

Jones New York @Thrift Store

hillard & hanson @Thrift Store

Reneeze @ $26

WilliSmith Collection @ Thrift Store

Birthday gift

Feather Headband @ dollar store!

Doesn't say?

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Birthday Gift -Eddy Berducido

Its nice to catch a break to blog a bit, since I've just started college. I swear I'm developing scoliosis with my 20lb bag I carry around campus all day. Its heartbreaking that I have no time for Blogger, Lookbook, Polyvore, and the like. I have so many cute unrecorded outfits from the past few weeks, how sad. I've enhanced my wardrobe. I'm like me times 10 with all my "out there" outfits.
Anyway, my 18th birthday was unexpectedly good; a mix of hours and hours of bleach in a salon (I finally got my hair done YAY!), dirty driving, an expensive buffet,  the smokey smell of casinos, and legally buying cigarettes. After that I went shopping of course!
This is just a collection of my newest merchandise that I've scored this past thanksgiving break.  My favorites are these I purchased while bargaining. You will notice a lot of my pieces are random brands. Who gives. I heart Thrift Stores!