Saturday, May 21, 2011

Its been a long long time...

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It starts with;
music, water, fashion, wind, birds & signs. "Should I do it or not? Life is to short." Let my body be a  canvas, with "shoot me here, shoot me there". Promenade; tap your funky dancing shoes. Runway.  Lets get a tattoo. Lets read a little. Lets go for a ride. "Woah, thats a nice tree!". The sun will rise, even if you don't happen to be there. A noble barn painting signs. Animals, and feet that are simple to you but not to me. Flying turtles, smiling dogs. Fresh to death. Neighborhood and upperhood. Being fancy couture. Spelling errors and poses. Neon colors and empty feelings. "Luxury" and nature. Fat & Skinny. Poetry.