Friday, March 4, 2011

The new UO catalog is in!

FINALLY! I am so excited to cover this topic! As soon as I walked into my house and saw the catalog, I enthusiastically flipped through it (and nearly tore it apart). These are pictures of only a few of the highlights consisted in the booklet. The makers are really diggin' lace and odd cuts now, as am I. The bags of this season have a perfect combination of leather & suede. I also noticed the frequent use of solid color, as well. I'm lovin' it. Kimichi Blue and Sparkle & Fade are really pleased me in this issue. Did anyone notice the standing couch? I even did a double-take on that snapshot. How creative of them. Until next month, I'll be anxiously waiting for you Urban... You never cease to amaze me. I feel as though I might just spend federal money to shop Urban Outfitters. Oh, how bittersweet!