Thursday, February 24, 2011

Still Streaming

I surprisingly found this sight on the facebook ad's, ATSEOUL.COM, that caught my attention for hours. My favorite thing may be that they advertise products along with suggested wardrobe ideas (mostly on shoes & bags), or that everything is affordable and cute. Those are three genius ideas to score the big bucks. I know I'd buy. The lowest price I came across was about $11. What a bargain! This site is perfect for a girl like me, someone that is captivated by things that are easy on the wallet. I'm simply a frugal fashionista. 

Vest $46.32

Leopard Sweater $46.32

Sweater $46.32

Basic Denim Shirt $34.68
Long Sleeve $20.95

Shorts $37.24

Double Buckled Tote $27.70

Pink Handbag $38.17

Britain Purse $46.32

Camel Tote 454.46

Easy Bag $208.30
(the most expensive item on the site)

Pink Leopard Enamel Clutch $13.97

Tote $102.40


Leopard Oxford $69.59


Flat/Loafers $28.98

Rain Boots $20.72

Wedge Oxford Shoes  $13.97


Elephant Earrings $12.63

Owl Earrings $17.46

Paris Necklace $18.04

Diamond Ring Necklace $11.64